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Personal documentaries

for families and their loved ones


Your family stories matter. Let us help you preserve them.

We are a high-end video production company that specializes in documentaries which preserve and share memories. The films we create are designed to be
keepsakes for your family that can be passed down through generations,
as a way to remember (and learn from) those who have gone before us.

Just as a loom weaves thread,
Memory Loom weaves your memories
into a lasting treasure for your family.

Video Channel Name

Video Channel Name

The Simple Process

How your stories are preserved.



Once we hear from you, you will be sent a form to fill out to tell us a little bit about your loved one and what topics you want to be covered in the film.

Three Buttons


Once our planning is complete and a date is set, we will come to the location of your superstar to begin capturing their memories on film. The average shoot is about 6 hours.

Ribbon on Spool


Looming is the stage where we weave all of your treasured memories into a refined documentary film for your family to watch and cherish. Looming takes 4-8 weeks.

Lets chat...

Take the first step towards preserving memories.


Memory Loom is a registered trademark of Stephen Flanscha 2022

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